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You’ll Always Find What YOU Are Looking For

I posted this quote several months back but didn’t include any insight into what I was thinking or meant. But today, as I sat on my balcony, enjoying the beautiful mountains in front of me, I was reminded of how substantial this quote is: “You Always Find What You Are Looking For”.

you'll always find what you're looking for

An event can happen in front of two people and one will think it is wonderful and the other horrid. Same event – two responses. Each perception is based on what the individual observer WANTS to believe about the situation. It isn’t more obvious than in our current culture.

I was reminded of this truth while reading Luke 6:6-11 this afternoon.

Jesus knew the deep motives of those in the synagogue; that they were so focused on finding fault with him, it didn’t matter what he said or did. Jesus might as well have had the Miranda Rights read to him because EVERYTHING he said or did WAS used against him.

(Have you ever felt that way?)

To prove his point, Jesus healed a man’s deformed hand-on the Sabbath (oh, scandal!!). That man, I’m sure, walked away incredibly grateful that he now had a perfectly restored hand.

However, not everyone was happy that a dramatic miracle occurred under their watch, in their synagogue.

Verse 11 (of Luke 6) says, “But they were filled with fury and discussed with one another what they might do to Jesus.”

They were FURIOUS A MAN WAS HEALED. Seriously? (Don’t think it doesn’t happen today? I’ve seen people get angry when someone is healed and try to offer alternative¬†explanations. Some people don’t want to hear about healing. )

Their rage was because Jesus ‘ actions continued to prove He was the Son of God and it didn’t fit their agenda/narrative.

Here’s something to ponder: Who do you have in your life, or in general, that you hate so much it doesn’t matter what they do…you will never see the truth? What is it that you are subconsciously looking for in any given situation?

Think it can’t happen/applies to you?

I bet we ALL have something in our hearts that keeps us from receiving truth in certain situations.

So… what are you looking for? It’s possible you or I have a mindset that is so ingrained it doesn’t matter what happens – we’ll still twist the truth to fit our narrative. None of us is exempt from that possibility.

One more step towards living free is being willing to pray, “open my eyes so I can see, open my ears so I can hear, and give me a heart that understands…and reveal to me any way that I am holding other people hostage to my own narrative.”

In other words, maybe that boss, ex-husband/wife, co-worker, parent, neighbor, spouse, sibling…politician or organization or group of people…isn’t¬†as bad as we think, we’ve simply managed to filter everything they do or say through our own disappointments, unforgiveness, bitterness or agenda.

Something to think about. Just remember, you WILL find what you are looking for.

p.s. It goes both ways. We can want something so bad that 
we don't see the truth and make it out to be better than
it really is.