Who Am I?

I remember sitting in a company-wide meeting in the upstairs lunchroom. We normally didn’t meet up here, but for some reason that I can’t remember, this particular day we were gathered here for a devotional. As a Christian-based organization, the weekly devotional wasn’t out-of-place for our work environment. This week, the company’s retired founder was leading. He was a sweet, elderly man, with thick glasses and a significant limp from a bad hip. He always wore a drab, dark brown suite reminiscent of the 70s. Even though he was a tender man, he also was tough and intimidating.

This particular day, he handed out yellow notecards to everyone and asked us to write down the answer to this question: “Who Am I?

Obviously, our leader was asking this question from the perspective of what the Bible says about us. As someone who grew up in a Christian home and the child of a pastor, I was always confident in my understanding of spiritual topics. (I confess, though, my confidence was placed more in pride than it was a correct understanding of scripture.) This day though, there was no confidence. My mind drew a complete blank.  I remember sitting there completely baffled. This question had never been asked of me before, nor had I ever thought of it.

After pondering for a few moments, I drew a giant question mark on the paper.


The question of Who Am I? was posed to me 25 years ago. I didn’t understand the importance of that question back then and I don’t remember what he shared that day. But I clearly remember sitting in the booth seat, looking at the yellow paper, and writing down that giant question mark.

Only now do I feel sad for that 23-year-old woman who didn’t know who she was, because she should have.

In my experience within churches, we spend so much time talking about how people should and should not act – judging those who don’t measure up – and little to no time talking about our identity in Christ. What a tragedy! Why don’t we tell everyone what their VALUE is? The promises? How about the power and righteousness that belong to us? Most of all, how to use the GIFTS the Father gave to us through the Holy Spirit?

What are we telling our kids about who they are? Or do we leave that up to the Sunday School teacher, the school system, entertainment, or society in general?

It was when I began to understand WHO I WAS that I was able to understand the gospel. Not just that I can go to heaven because Jesus died for me. Why do we stop there? We’re missing 90% of the gospel! It’s about time that we start understanding our value for ourselves AND start telling our kids that:

  • God the Father spoke about me before the foundations of the world (think about that!!).
  • He wrote down in a book the plan He has for my life!
  • I’m seated at the right hand of the Father in Christ Jesus.
  • All power and authority have been given to me! (Seriously…think about this)
  • Satan is SO under my feet.
  • I can walk in divine health.
  • I am adopted by God the Father.
  • Because I am in Christ, I am royalty and heir of salvation and all the blessings of heaven.
  • I have authority
  • There is a plan and purpose for me.
  • I am righteous already (because of Jesus).
  • God wrote a book about me (wow!).

To ignore the blessings, plan, purposes, gifts, talents, and callings of God for me is to despise the blood of Jesus. I can’t say, “that’s nice”, and then roll over in my bed or go back to living haphazardly or by default.



The church, our society…we have an identity problem because we don’t understand the gospel. We don’t know the value we have, nor do we consider how precious the blood is. Instead, we try to measure up to our church culture’s standard of living. Then we measure ourselves to other people in order to feel better about ourselves. Still, others end up hating the Word of God because they can’t ever measure up to the standards that are in the Word. What they don’t realize is that once we understand our identity we see that those standards have been fulfilled on our behalf.

As we understand our value because of Christ, we honor the blood, we hold ourselves in high regard and we hold others in high regard because we see that they are the redeemed – just as we are. We are not precious and valuable because we’ve earned it – but because God the Father attributed that value to us before the foundations of the world, and because it was confirmed by the Blood of Jesus. It reinforced the immense value God places on us.


The book of Ephesians, especially the first couple of chapters, hammered into me the high value I have. It clearly identifies and answers the question of, Who Am I.

Meditating, praying these scriptures out loud every day is the greatest benefit to one’s mind and soul. With the understanding of our true identity, one can fulfill the purpose and plan for our lives. Without it, we cannot be truly satisfied with our life.

There is this innate desire to know who we are. It is at the core of every human being to answer this question.

You can tell the people who don’t know their identity. It comes out in a variety of ways from depression and living at the bottom of the barrel so-to-speak. Still, others live outrageously to cover up the huge emptiness inside of them. Some people subconsciously put themselves in degrading positions because of a hidden belief that they are somehow unworthy of kindness. We all cover up our identity crisis in many ways.

The book of Ephesians is a beautiful way of understanding our individual identity and answering the question of, “Who Am I?” I highly recommend SPEAKING through it every day. Let your identity and the power of scripture be activated by your voice. It made all the difference in my life.

I’m praying for you today that you and your children may know the HIGH VALUE that you have. That there is a BOOK written about you!! May you and your children understand it is an HONOR to be the redeemed of the Lord and carry around the life and Blood of Jesus in our lives.

Oh, such good news!!

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