When I Left A Job I Loved

I had the privilege of having an artist for my best friend many years ago. When I decided to follow the promptings of God and step out in faith, leave a job I loved, sell everything I had, and wait on God, she hand-crafted a beautiful journal for me to record God’s Faithfulness. I came across that journal today and opened it up, being reminded of those sweet years. It was hard to make that step. I was in the prime of my life and everything was just perfect in my mind. I loved my job, my friends, my community, my church, my home, my life…and then God spoke to me over several months about laying it all down and wait on Him.

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Below is the first entry I made into that journal. Keep in mind I had literally sold everything I had, was living in the basement of a friend’s house, had no income, and everything I owned fit into the backseat of my car. I had nothing and I did not know what I was supposed to do or where provision was to come from.  I lived this way for 10 months while waiting for God to reveal the next step in my life.  Within a month I had paid off my car and was debt free, and paid cash for a trip to California, >> but had no job. Go figure!  Ironically, I’m in a similar circumstance today as I recently closed my business and am facing some financial needs. I’m often asked what my next steps are and I don’t know, just like 20 years ago. But I will wait for God’s direction and I anticipate seeing His goodness play out over the next few months.

God’s Faithfulness: Jan. 15, 1996

My first day after leaving my job in response to God’s leading. Was seeking Him this very morning for my provision and to reveal Himself. [God] met me this morning and revealed Himself through another’s experience….Then, [a friend] called with a word he received for me. He felt very strong to call, that it was from the Lord. The words given to him were: “Continue on and He will provide”! Hence, the penny I picked up to remind me, it was laying near the phone when he called.  IN GOD I WILL TRUST.


Dear God,

That was one of the most beautiful times in my life. Sometimes I wonder if I still have the spirit of a “living sacrifice” that I did back then. You were setting me up for something amazing and I was overwhelmed at at all that was happening.  It was shortly after that, though, that I threw it all away. I stepped off the path that You put me on and it’s been 20 years of picking up the pieces of the mess I made.  I am still grateful for Your faithfulness. You are so good to me. Thank you for the provision during that time and I thank You for the reminder today that you are still My Provider!  Amen.

[As I sat down to write this post I looked at my feet and saw this: IMG_2050 

For me, it is another gentle reminder that He is watching over me as yesterday a worrisome financial situation occurred that in the past would have thrown me into a panic. However, instead of panicking I declared His goodness to me, that I would not worry and that all would be made right. Today, this penny is a reminder of God’s continual interest in me and love for me! It will be added to my faithfulness journal.]

In what ways has God shown His faithfulness to you?

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