The Place of Zero

For over a year, nearly every time I looked at the speedometer in my truck, it has ended with zero – or a double zero. At first, I thought it was intriguing, and I remember snapping  a picture some time ago and posting it on Instagram then commenting something like “this never happens.”

It happens all the time now.


Until recently, I had never heard of scriptural meanings of numbers other than 666 was for the devil and 7 was for perfection. Outside of that, I did not know that such a thing existed except for among those in New Age or the Occult. However, after I became aware of the frequency of which I would see the number zero (compared to never noticing it before), articles, stories, and books started coming across my path about the meaning of numbers from a Biblical perspective.

It’s an enormous subject and one that still baffles me. But now I am personally intrigued. I started asking the Lord if there was meaning to Zero.

Ironically, I came up with nothing .

I blew the whole thing off as a coincidence and nothing more. After all, stuff like that happens to other people but not me, I reasoned…but the zeros keep coming. I don’t even look for them. I forget all about the zeros until I look down and see one. It’s been weird.


Recently, I did another search on the topic of zero while lying in bed one night. This time a blog post by a missionary woman in Europe who was also searching for the meaning of zero popped up. I won’t rehash what she wrote, but I encourage you to read it here. It is short, and I think offers some good insights.

I appreciated her perspective because it resonated with me. It was like a big clue on a scavenger hunt.

Seek and you will find…

Zero represents nothing. Emptiness. Other words that come to mind are unseen, formless, without value or worth.

This is interesting on a personal level. In addition, I have been working on writing to those who feel lonely and broken. It has been on my heart so much so recently that it literally has been pressing down like a massive weight.


We all have seasons in our life where we feel like nothing. Many feel unseen, unappreciated, overlooked, and some are even oppressed. The problem comes when we stay in those thought patterns and get stuck feeling like nothing.

At first, when I couldn’t find any answers on the meaning of zero, I honestly prayed one day, “God, are you telling me I’m nothing?”. It’s no laughing matter. There are many, many people who feel like they are worth zero. Unfortunately, this world we live in certainly is not going to help us see any value in ourselves, and satan would love nothing more than to see the people that Jesus died for think that they have no worth or value.


My favorite line in the blog post I mentioned above was this:

“the number zero is the number that requires the intervention of God.”

Can I tell you the relief and joy that filled me when I read those words?! Think about this: The place of brokenness, emptiness, nothingness, void….that is where God steps in and intervenes!

God intervenes:

  • in your broken heart
  • in your broken relationships
  • in your depression
  • in your hopelessness
  • in your rejection
  • in your loneliness

When you or I am a “zero,” when we are hidden and useless, the Father stamps HIS value on us. He crowns us with his beauty. He makes us relevant in this time and place.

Read excerpts from Ezekiel 16 about how God rescues us:

As for the day you were born - you were discarded
and rejected...Your naval cord was not cut and you
were not were not wrapped in blankets
and you were not swaddled. 
No one pitied you enough to care for were
loathed on the day you born.
And the Father passed by...and saw you struggling
in your blood and declared,"LIVE!".
[The Father says] "I made you thrive like a plant
in the field;and you grew, matured, and became
very beautiful."

Also this:

What is man that You are mindful of him? You have crowned me with glory and honor, and set me over the works of Your hands. You have put all things in subjection under my feet. (Heb. 2, para)

Continue in Hebrews 2 and you see that over, and over Jesus, Himself stands before the Throne of His Father and acknowledges us! Also, it also says that Jesus does not provide assistance to angels (who are sent to minister to us), BUT Jesus gives aid to you and me! “He gives aid to the seed of Abraham.” (verse 16)


My study of the concept of zero is just beginning. There is lots of anticipation of what God wants to reveal. I love how God uses obscure objects and experiences in our daily life to weave together a message that He would otherwise not be able to teach our hearts. Certainly, God takes pleasure in our hunt to find Him and learn from Him.

I hope this encourages you to start your own journey to discover the value that God has stamped you with. Remember, you are made in HIS image.

In the meantime, here is a prayer for those moments that you feel like the rejection, loneliness, or unworthiness is going to pull you under:

Father (Abba, Papa),

Thank you that You saw me when all others rejected me and threw me aside. On days when I feel unwanted, an inconvenience, and a disappointment, You want me and You help me.  I know you see the moments I am thrown aside, forgotten, used or abused. You cry the days I’m lied to, manipulated, overlooked, and falsely accused or misunderstood. You see the pain caused by others. Father, instead of resting in Your love for me, I have focused on the pain and rejection. Forgive me. My focus on the pain has caused anxiety and fear. Teach my heart how to receive Your love. Move my understanding of You from an intellectual knowledge to a solid belief in my heart. Help me to accept the value that You have stamped on me. Open my eyes to see, my ears to hear, and my heart to understand.


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