the importance of women

The Importance of Women

I had planned on writing on a different subject today, however, I saw a post revealing today is the International Day of the Girl. In 2011, the United Nations made this declaration, to be held on October 11 each year, “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.”   At first glance, I dismissed the notice scrolling across my screen, but then my spirit paused. While I am not a feminist, my heart is to see our young girls, and women of all ages, reach their full potential. 

God has a purpose and calling for us, as women (it’s not just for men and it’s not only in the kitchen). Until recently, the body of Christ has largely ignored women. **I am not here to bash the church.** In the last couple of decades, huge strides have been made within the body of Christ to release women into the fullness of their calling.  I celebrate that!

Even this year, a massive cry, by men, was issued to release women to fulfill all that God has for them. (Lou Engle of The Call has really championed this cry).  Women everywhere are stepping out and into areas of teaching, preaching, prophets, and ministers. This has made my heart so happy.


Seeing women being released to fulfill their Kingdom calling is such a relief. The church, in general, should have led the way in this long ago.  The early church, in fact, did this very thing – releasing women to be leaders and teachers within the body of Christ right from the beginning. But somewhere along the way, during the Dark Ages, when the Bible was hidden from the general population, old traditions and old ways of thinking were set in.

Even as the Holy Scriptures again re-emerged, women were forgotten and the Word was misunderstood. Women remained in the dark ages – in the corners of homes, under the feet of men. Unfit to be used within the church.

However, Jesus was not about to let 50% of His body to be forgotten and unused. These days, the Father is opening wide the heavens and releasing His Spirit, just as Joel prophesied.

Men AND women are being restored to their callings and purpose, receiving great insight into the mysteries of God, and walking in the power of the Spirit. We are living in the End of Days and the Father CHOSE US to be here! What an exciting time to be alive and we are truly blessed to have been hand-picked by the Father to be alive for this moment in history, the fullness of days!


About 10 years ago I went through a divorce. I can honestly say that it was the darkest time of my life for a variety of reasons.  I divorced a man that was very emotionally, verbally, and mentally abusive. To the point that I would lay in my house during the day and cry, wishing I was dead. I would have given anything to be hit just so that I had evidence of the abuse. He was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which means he was brilliant (and still is) at putting on a perfect face everywhere he went. Charming to a fault. Yet in the privacy of our home, in order to keep up his need for superiority, I was kept firmly under his foot.

Unfortunately, the church does not recognize abuse, except physical abuse. Without going into too much detail, this wasn’t my first go-around with abuse, but it was certainly the most difficult.

It was a time when I was very much alone and abandoned. The pain so great that I passed out in my tiny apartment one night. I woke up with my head at the base of my toilet, not sure what had happened. I called the paramedics. After running tests, they looked at me and said nothing was wrong but it was probably stress-related.

Over the years I have heard many statements directed at me or to/about other women concerning our position. Statements such as:

  • Just go home, live with it, and be a good wife.
  • A Christian woman has to live with however her husband treats her.
  • You’re the husband, you go home and tell your wife that she HAS to obey you.
  • Women cannot teach men.
  • You’re getting what you deserve.
  • A woman is to be quiet.
  • Women should never be leaders.

This is always what I was taught and thought for decades. Then God intervened and showed me something…


During my divorce, I was part of a large Easter production in our city. I was given the part of Mary Magdalene. An understated part, in the background and shadows. However, during the 3-4 months of intensive rehearsals, God met me and taught me how much He treasured women, and specifically, His high view of me! I spent most of those months weeping out of joy, out of pain, but mostly from the realization at how important and treasured women are to the Father.

Many Christians (men AND women) may have a small view of women, but God has a HIGH view!

My Father lifted me up in those dark days, out of a very deep pit, and breathed new life into me. I saw myself from His perspective. As a result, He gave me wonderful revelation and insights regarding the importance of women and the purposes He has for us in these last days…and it is great!

It is not at the expense of men or anyone else. In Christ, there is neither male or female, Jew or Gentile…but we are all ONE NEW MAN (man being a general term for male and female).

As the prophet Joel declared, in these last days God is using EVERYONE. Boys, girls, men, women – people of all nations. We are ONE body and we all have a place and calling.

So I say, “YES!”, let’s encourage our young girls (and women, men, and boys) to reach the FULLNESS of their calling! Let the Body of Christ lead the way in this charge and show the world how much God the Father values each of us, including girls and women.

(featured Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash)

p.s. I did not have the space to cover scripture. Search
it out and STUDY the meanings and context behind those 
verses that are used to silence and control women. You 
will discover that it doesn't mean what you think it 
means. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes so you can 
see, open your ears so you can hear, and to give you a 
heart that understands. I have found that in order to 
understand and receive revelation in scripture, it is 
essential that one is baptized in the Holy Spirit and 
prays, privately, in tongues before entering into time 
of study. When I started doing these things, the Holy 
Scriptures, which I had studied for decades, suddenly 
exploded before my eyes and I finally began to receive 
understanding, revelation, and wisdom. Amen.

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