Feet of Jesus

The Feet Of Jesus

For the last two weeks, I have been somewhat useless around the house and in my business. That’s because I found myself sitting at the feet of Jesus.

I can’t get enough. I am taking in so much that my head and heart feel like they are going to explode. Yet, I desperately needed this time. More than I realized. I didn’t plan it – He just called, and I sat down.woman sitting on a rock

It has been a life-altering 2 weeks, and I don’t know where to start in sharing what God has been downloading. I admit that it has been rough … and fabulous at the same time.

I walked away from the last two weeks with a few main ideas, I believe, He wants to be shared:

  1. LOVE OF THE FATHER: The Father is desperate to get us to understand His Love for us! We don’t have a clue the intensity of His Love.
  2. LOVE TO OTHERS – People have forgotten how to love each other. We need to repent and ask the Father to teach us to love again.
  3. BRIDE OF CHRIST IS UNPREPARED – The Holy Spirit clearly showed me that Jesus has delayed His coming out of mercy because His Bride (the church) is in shambles. We are not ready. My heart grieved so much when I saw what condition the body of Christ was in – and I am part of that. We are not doing His will, and we are not holy.
  4. HELL: Hell is far worse than any evil on this earth. Many “Christians” are on a path that leads to hell. The Father is delaying His coming back because so many are perishing and His heart is grieved. So many Christians are oblivious that they are perishing because they are not doing His will and not repenting. He is desperate for more to come to love and obey Jesus! (God is merciful! He doesn’t want anyone to perish!)
  5. HEAVEN: Is far greater that we can imagine, yet Believers are clueless as to how the life we live on earth is impacting eternity. We have been so careless.
  6. HOLY SPIRIT: There is already a HUGE outpouring of healing and miracles through the Holy Spirit, and He wants Christians to stop being afraid of the Holy Spirit and minister healing to each other and to the nations.
  7. HE IS COMING SO, SO SOON! The Spirit of God is shouting: “Hurry! Tell everyone about Jesus! Hurry!!!”

I am eager to write out and share what God is speaking. Like Jacob, I have been wrestling with God because, even though I have been a Christian for over 40 years, I see how wrong I have been in much of my understanding. I am holding on to Him and enjoying His blessing!

I have spent time repenting and crying and giving thanks. There’s been a realization of the depth of my religion and self-righteousness and “spiritual” knowledge, yet missing love. True love. Agape love. I thought I knew love – but didn’t. The precious Father has taken my face tenderly, but firmly, in His hands and is pulling my gaze into Him. It has been profound and life-altering

Blessings on your day and may you take the time to sit at the feet of Jesus!

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