Soaking Rain

Tonight I am drawn out of bed to sit on my patio in the darkness as I listen to and watch a soaking rain. There is something so calming about it. Also, there’s something a little different about tonight as a type of thick mist has settled in with the rain. It’s not fog, but it seems like the city is sitting in the middle of a cloud and it’s raining, not FROM the cloud, but IN the cloud.

I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. I suppose this is something I would expect in England or in the Northwest part of the U.S., but not in Colorado.

I stood there and felt the mist on my face and enjoyed the soothing sounds of heavy rain.

Gratitude wells up inside of me as I thank the Lord for the generous rains this summer, in an otherwise dry and parched land. To me, it’s a sign of His favor. The rain is as the Holy Spirit. I pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out over our city, over our nation. May there be many hearts that sense the sweet and peaceful presence of the Spirit and allow Him to pour out His soaking rain into their souls!

Oh, that all may know the depths of the incredible presence of the Lord! Even for me, as I hear the rain I long for more. To be drunk in the Spirit. To be so filled and consumed by Him that I only do His will. I want to dive deeper and be so immersed in His presence that there is little left of me.

The Safety Of A Glass Wall

I had a couple of images come to mind as I sat outside enjoying the evening rain. In my mind, I saw people standing at a glass wall of an aquarium watching colorful fish and underwater plants. I realized experiencing the Holy Spirit (or Christianity in general) is like an aquarium.

Some choose to visit the aquarium and admire the beauty of it and are enthralled with all that teems within the waters. I suppose you could say they genuinely appreciate and enjoy it. They even excitedly tell others about it. Yet they choose to glimpse into the life of the deep from the safety of a glass wall.

It’s comfortable, a nice view, and you don’t have to get wet or too close to the wildlife. They limit their experience of the depths of the ocean and are content with that.

Others recognize that the aquarium is only a reflection of the real thing. These few chose to head out to the sea, dive in, and explore all there is. They embrace the unknown and engage with the world of the ocean.


Funny how all these thoughts came about from a rain storm. As I sat outside, I wanted to soak in the presence of the Lord. I wanted each drop of rain to be the Holy Spirit. I imagined my face covered with the pelting of cool water. With each drop, I wanted to fill up more and more.

For years I was afraid of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know what to expect, and I allowed preconceived ideas to run amok in my imagination. Nor did I want others to think I was weird or crazy.

However, my curiosity and hunger for more of God opened the door of my understanding, and I stepped out and tasted the power and goodness of the Spirit. Now I want to soak in the presence of God and have the rain of the Holy Spirit engulf me!

Once I had a taste of the real thing, there was no going back. The deeper and more intimately I walk with the Lord, I have a hard time comprehending how people can read the Bible like it’s a vanilla, uninteresting, obligatory piece of information – about as exciting as the emergency card in the back pocket of an airplane seat. It literally baffles me. I ache for those who have not had the Word come alive yet. It’s the very breath of God in our hands!

When I encountered the Holy Spirit, I prayed, “open my eyes so I can see, my ears so I can hear, and give me a heart that understands.”

The Bible went from a flat textbook to a living, breathing pop-up book! In other words, I stopped admiring an aquarium and discovered the ocean!

Every day I lose a little more taste for everyday living here. I long for more of the rich, spiritual life given through Jesus. I’ve tasted heaven, and I want more!

O taste and see that the Lord is good;
How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!

Psalm 34:8

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