I started journaling at the age of 10. I found it was a good way for me to talk to God and to escape the pain of life.  I was always full of questions and thoughts. I loved how the words would flow, and it helped me sort through so many things.

Journaling also helped my process my journey as a Christian.  I grew up as the child of a pastor, and I lived my life trying to please my family, the church, and God. I was the poster child of what a “good Christian girl” looked like yet I never seemed to measured up. As a result, I thought I didn’t measure up in the eyes of God.

As a little girl, I loved to daydream about my future – but my life didn’t turn out the way I imagined. I supposed it doesn’t for most people. Yet, in my stumbles and falls, I discovered a God who loved me more than I realized and I am learning a lesson in Grace that I never allowed myself to receive for many years.

This blog isn’t just for Believers in Christ.  In fact, I hope many read this who have wondered:

  • Why do Christians act they way they do.  
  • Why can they be so mean and judgmental?
  • What is so great about God anyway?

Also, I hope that many Christians who do read this will humble themselves and learn that maybe we missed the whole point of the gospel. The reality is, for many  “American Christians” we don’t truly understand what Christ did on the cross, and we hang on to self-righteousness in the name of Jesus because it makes us feel better than everyone else.  As a result, we end up pointing our fingers and condemning everyone around us. We have either forgotten or not understood that it is God’s kindness that leads to repentance. Somehow we have become afraid of grace, erroneously believing that the message of grace gives us an excuse to sin. However, truly understanding and preaching the truth of His grace doesn’t lead people to more sin, but leads them into righteousness.

These posts are real, honest, and thought-provoking.  I find that often, when I am writing, God talks to me through my pen. It’s a very intimate and personal time with my God, who I love more than life. My prayer is that your eyes (and mine) will be opened and our hearts understand His truth and His ways so that we may live free through the Holy Spirit and enjoy the many blessings and power Christ died (and lives now!) for us to have.