psalm one

Psalm One Meditation

To meditate means to repeat OUTLOUD, to VERBALLY declare
something as you read it. That's how scripture gets down
in your very soul. As you read and repeat outloud,
sometimes the Holy Spirit will turn it into a prayer....

This is a prayer that came out of my meditation of Psalm One.

Father, Your word says (and it is written):

I am blessed because I do not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers! But MY DELIGHT is in You…and in the law and words of my Lord.

In Your law, I verbally meditate day and night. Day and night I think about Your words…I speak your words over and over. I sing them, I repeat them, they enter into the depths of my soul. You give me understanding, revelation, wisdom!

I sing, I speak, I declare your life-giving words. They come alive. They take root. I become like a tree planted by streams of living water! Your Word is the stream of living water. My roots run deep.

Your Word…Your Living Word…The Word made flesh…the precious Jesus…the Living Word;  I meditate on the written Word. I sit in the presence of the Living Word. They are one. Jesus is the Word. As I read the Holy Scriptures, I enter into the presence, and relate, to my Jesus.

I verbally declare the life of Jesus, the wisdom of the Word made flesh. The words I speak, the words I declare, create a life of righteousness.  

Whatever I do prospers as a result of my outward mediation of the very Word of God. 

It is written…it is declared…it is done.

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