bride with head on chest of groom

King and Lover

Smother me with kisses – your Sprit-kiss divine.
(Song of Solomon 1:2 The Passion Translation)

  • When does God come to mind?
  • Do you TALK to Him or just ask for things?
  • What is prayer really for?
  • What is God’s role in our life?

Such great questions to ponder! When we are willing to ask ourselves questions, then we become open to understanding ourselves – and God – better.

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Nearly all of us think of God when we are in need. We cry out to him in times of pain, sorrow, confusion, and want. Afterall, He is our provider.

Yet we most often forget His other roles. He is our King and Lover.

A king who executes justice and declares His will. But also a lover who longs for intimacy with His creation. As a Father, He created you and I by hand, declared our destiny, and adopted us as sons and daughters. We lost our way so Jesus came as a King, announced His love, and submitted a groom’s dowry to bring us in as His bride.

Bridegroom – it suggests the deepest intimacy possible. Do we ever think of Jesus as our husband/bridegroom?

Oh, friends! Let’s desire to be smothered by the love of the King Bridegroom!

We focus so much on bringing our needs and wants before Him. Our cry for help. The desires for success, reward, reputation, miracles. Most of all, God wants us to remember that Father sent Jesus to not only be our Saviour but our Lover – our husband – in addition to being our King.

The Father smiles when we remember that Jesus is Savior, King, AND Lover.

Ask Holy Spirit to teach us how to be relationally in love WITH Jesus and not in love with what we can get from Him.

He wants our hearts, love, and passion. Not our obligatory servitudes and platitudes. A Bride suitable for the greatest Bridegroom ever.

Lean in, lean on, and fall in love with our Prince of Peace, King of kings, Lord of lords, Redeemer, and most of all, our Lover.