if my truck could talk

If My Truck Could Talk

I love a good lesson but I don’t enjoy going through the lesson! Anyone else relate? A life full of joy does not mean a life of zero problems. In fact, if you choose to live and be in the righteousness of Christ, you WILL have trouble (read Psalm 34:17 and John 16:33 for starts). The problem comes when I forget that. I forget that when I least expect it, my past troubles and present frustrations will sometimes creep up and unexpectedly hit me like a WWE smackdown! Next thing I know, I’m sliding into a dark pit, swirling in my toxic thoughts of defeatism and self-pity.

I hate it when that happens.

Usually, I can hold it together around others, but then I get in my truck. Upon turning the key, a host of all kinds of whatever-you-want-to-call-it explodes like an over-filled balloon filled with shaving cream.

My favorite place to get alone and have some heart-to-heart with Jesus and the Father is in my truck. There are no restraints when I’m alone in there. I can do and say when I’ve been properly holding in all day. It’s also the birthplace of hundreds of ideas. I carry a recorder and many times whip it out to record all the thoughts and brainstorming that takes place on the road.

It can get very animated at times. I can only imagine what I look like driving down the road. Most days I’m singing, praising, or even praying in the Spirit. But also, when I’m in the pit, I’m crying, screaming, and talking like a sailor. What a sight I must be! (There might be a little dancing, too)

But it’s my place of solace. My secret space.

In a world of “safe places”, it’s my chosen spot to go and the only one I truly trust. Some choose a closet or mountaintop. Even Jesus sought out a “lonely place” to get away with the Father.  I’m sure he had a favorite spot. This is my lonely place, safe space, and mountaintop. I can shut off the world in my truck. And it is so big (and I’m so little)! I love the feeling of being surrounded by a half-ton of steel (or whatever it is). I even have a giant grill guard on the front. You could say it gives me some confidence when I’m feeling a bit snarky. 😁

frustrated woman driver
Bwhahaha! I love this photo. It’s SO me when I’m in the pit. (Copyright: mheim301165 / 123RF Stock Photo)
Oh, if my truck could talk!

I’m sure glad it can’t. The tears, anger, frustrations but also the praise and singing. Also joy and life-giving declarations! My truck is where I both wrestle with God AND sit quietly in the presence of Jesus. I even look over to the seat next to me and imagine Jesus is sitting there. It’s where I can literally let it all out and know that no one there will judge and condemn.

Receive correction? Yes. Listen? Absolutely. Teach me? Oh, yes! The best conversations I ever have are in my truck with my Father and my Lord.

So if you ever see a small lady driving a big truck – having an animated conversation with herself – it’s just me, hanging out with my Jesus and my Papa.

Oh, hey. If you're in that pit right now...here's some
promises to cling to that will give you a hand out of 
there: Read out loud, Psalm 34 and the first few 
chapters of Ephesians. 
Gets me out every time! Blessings...

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