I weep for us. a call to gratitude

I Weep For Us

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

This morning I woke up and my husband pointed out an article on a women’s strike being called for on March 8. As he read the article, my stomach twisted, and I literally wanted to vomit. Not out of disgust, but out of genuine grief. I wept in my soul.

I’m now sitting here in a quiet location pondering all that is happening in our nation.

I am already disheartened by the massive division in our country. Mature opposition is extinct. Now the goal is to destroy. Our streets, entertainment, news, and social media are filled with the spewing of hatred from those who are raging and embittered of soul.

Every day, people are inventing new avenues to express their vitriol. That’s all this “strike” or “march” is. Words do not exist in our language to express the depth of the hatred and evil that is spewing out of everywhere.

Everything that is said or done is considered “political” now. Even the coffee we drink. It’s not political – it’s a way to manipulate and control and bully others into keeping quiet. Many comply out of fear of being called a name or being on the receiving end of the rage.

We are in a fight for our very existence as a people, as a nation. The condition of our nation’s heart and soul is desperate. Can we stop protesting and screaming for a moment and just settle down for a minute?

This strike isn’t about any fight for women’s “equality,” it’s an adult-sized temper tantrum because some people didn’t get their way in November – and frankly, I’d bet that women are not the ones behind this idea. It stinks of a well-funded plan by deep-pocketed organizations, and maybe some extremist women (being used by the male-controlled organizations) who want to continue to stir up anger and strife because they know -> better than the people that have bought into their garbage <- that the quickest way to destroy a nation is to divide it.

Who would want to divide and destroy our nation?

The people who want to control it. Send it crumbling and to its knees then swoop in like a savior and “rescue” it. “Peace” would be restored because the “rescuer” is also the creator and instigator of the destruction.

To sit here and watch it happening clear as day is completely frustrating because so many have bought into the lie. They’ve allowed the whispers of, “you don’t deserve this, “you are a victim,” “look what they have, and you don’t have it” and other lies to infect their souls. Quickly the poison of offense rises up and damages their ability to reason and think. Soon vitriol, anger, bitterness, and rage of the spirit take over. All they can see is pure hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like them. They claw at and attack the very people trying to help.

And so today, I weep.

I weep for our nation, I weep for our women, men, nationalities. Everyone.

As people march and rage for something they think they do not have (or rather against a person, who happens to represent a bunch of individuals) – they don’t realize they already had it.  While some march for “something,” though they are not quite sure of what, they’re just angry; the real organizers are smiling because they are bashing away at the foundations and unity of our country.

In reality, women and men have every opportunity in this nation to succeed. Every color and nation have the chance to rise up out of their past. Every person already has the option to live as they choose.

Opportunity is not a respector of gender, color, religion, or nationality.

The people who succeed understand this. They are the ones we idolize because they “made it” “against all odds”. That opportunity to “make it” is available to every-single-person.

Yet, many have allowed the lie that they still don’t have everything, and it is someone else’s fault, to create a cavernous hole in their soul that will never be satisfied.

Can you not see that the more ungrateful for what you have now, the more unsatisfied you are?

Oh, my dear friends and fellow countrymen. Weep for our nation as it is being consumed with sheer discontent and hatred. Throw down your signs and your fists and lift up a voice of gratitude for what you already have. Thankfulness and gratitude will release the scales that blind. It will soften the hardest heart. It will bring the truth into focus.

Lift up your eyes and see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. See that God wants your soul to prosper. He wants you to know how desperately He loves you. He is issuing a final call. Jesus is coming so soon. True peace comes from the hand of the Lord. Allow Him to heal your heart. He has already forgiven you – learn from Him to forgive those that have offended you.

Peace will never come until the hatred and anger are released into the hands of the Good Father.

Just think about it.

My friend, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

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