Go Ahead…Daydream!

Do you ever take the time to dream?

When I was in first-grade, I had a teacher by the name of Ms. Joy. She was a young and beautiful African-American woman with a big, bright smile. She truly lived up to her name. However, she used to scold me for daydreaming so much. She was a lovely lady and I think, down deep, sympathized with my desire to float away in my thoughts. But she had a task to perform as a teacher, and there were many days as I stood by while she instructed my parents that their daughter needed to learn to pay attention and not drift off into her own world! 

Somehow, as we grow older, we inherently squash our natural ability to dream for the sake of tasks. We bury our God-given abilities to imagine the impossible and train our minds to limit not just ourselves, but God as well.

Staying focused and on task is necessary as we mature, but must it come at the expense of dreaming?


Oh, that we would encourage ourselves and others to take the time to dream. Personally, I believe that daydreaming actually makes us more productive, creative, and effective. It should be a requirement for school or work….30 minutes a day to get lost in our thoughts!

Think of what can be accomplished should we remove the restraints of our thinking. To lay aside the expectations of others and ourselves, requirements of systems, social prejudices, and even the laws of nature to imagine possibilities without limits.

As children, imagination and dreaming are easy and natural. The lines between reality and make-believe are easily blurred. However, as an adult, most of us are a little out of practice. So how do we rest our mind long enough to transport us from what our eyes can see to what our mind can conceive?


Music is my favorite way to be transported into another time, another place. Other times, it is a walk in a quiet neighborhood or a hike in the mountains. Anything that drowns out the noise of a modern world.

For others, it may be when they lay their fingers on the ivory keys of a piano, or when they dive into the solace of deep blue water. Under water, they see new things and hear the whispers of the limitless.

Either way, we each have some way that ushers us into the massive realm of possibilities.

Some folks drown out the cares of this world through the mundane. A long drive down the highway,  or cleaning and organizing their home. Activities that can be done mechanically, without any thought, will trigger the mind to wander where we seldom allow it to enter.

Our minds WANT to go.


When you have quieted your soul, follow your thoughts. They are always trying to take us somewhere. (As a follower of Christ, I cover this time with prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and visions.)

As you start to shut out the cares of the every day, it’s almost as if one’s spirit leaves the body for a moment to crack open a door into the mysterious.

As our hand pulls back on the giant door, we open the gateway into opportunity – to ask the questions that are “inconceivable” to ask, to wonder at those things that are hard to find answers to, to live the ideal and the magical. The realm of our dream allows us to rewrite history and create an improbable future.

There, we see things with our spirit that we can not see with our natural eyes or our mind when it is engaged in the matrix of the expected. We stand in a magical space where we only need to reach out our hand and grasp anything we can imagine.

Stop for a moment. There is not up or down, left or right. It’s the world of your imagination. Envision reaching out your hand and grasping on to something.

What is it?

Gaze at it for awhile. Study it (meditate). Strive to understand what it is there for. Your spirit longs for it – what does it have to do with you? How does it change your perspective in the natural?

It’s here, in that place of wonderment, that I begin to meditate on the Word of God, on the goodness of the Lord. I can stay here for hours (if life allows it). Inhale the energy and vitality of this time in the quiet.


As we are created to live in the natural, it will not be long before a phone call, a knock at the door, the honk of a horn, or a dog barking, will jolt us back into the here-and-now. But oh, what a beautiful few moments to dance and soak in a dream.

With each visit into our dream world, we come in contact with our spirit just a little bit more.  We can even put our hands and feet towards some of those dreams. Other experiences must remain tucked away in our spirit. More importantly, our minds learn to receive fresh thoughts and ideas.

Every person benefits from a few moments of stillness. Where stress melts for a moment, life pauses, and we create, imagine, listen. For those that choose to seek God, we commune deeply with the Father.

Come. Drink. Be refreshed. Be filled with ideas. Experience rest. Imagine all that you want to do.

Our minds instinctively want to daydream. Somehow we started to believe that dreaming keeps us from achieving what we are expected to do. In turn, we demand the same from those after us.

Perhaps, if we all step back, allow our minds and thoughts to wander, for a time, we would discover our effectiveness, accomplishments, and resourcefulness would soar.

Go ahead. Turn off the radio in your car. Go for a walk in the country. Sit in a quiet place, put headphones on and listen to instrumental music. Daydream and wait for your mind to direct you where you have not given yourself permission to go in a long time.

In doing so, you receive the courage to do in the natural what you only allowed yourself to do in your dreams.

Dream on, my friends!

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