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Giants and Promises

Growing up in the church, I think sometimes I take for granted the power and wisdom in Bible stories told to me on flannel graphs (the best!) as a child and used over-and-over for sermon illustrations throughout my adulthood. I find myself nodding my head in blind agreement when familiar passages are used to make a point on a Sunday morning; yawning at the rich wisdom and understanding available in each story. Take, for example, the story of the Israelites in the wilderness and their battle between giants and promises, and which one to believe.

Seems like a simple story, but digging out the real understanding to be had takes a lifetime to unpack – and that’s where the excitement and adventure of studying scriptures is!

Getting Schooled

Scripture becomes incredibly exciting to me when I’m struggling with something in my own life, praying in the Spirit about it, and suddenly those childhood stories come to mind and I realize how it applies to my current situation; my answer staring right at me. For example, recently I was doing something as mundane as gathering the trash but was mulling over a particular nuisance¬†in my mind. It’s not insignificant either.

But then I caught myself praying out loud, “Okay, Father, I know I put myself in this wilderness because of my choices and I’ve repented of it, but that doesn’t mean my promises are null and void. I just seem to be focusing on the giants in my life instead of the Promises.”

Don’t Let Giants Block Your View Of Your Promises

It’s human nature. Becoming caught up in the drama of our day is our first instinct. But then we go from one drama to another and eventually we never look up or look for the promises that once filled our youthful hearts.

I realized, by speaking out those words, which came from my spirit, not my mind, that I have a terrible habit of focusing on my Giants. Always have.

Funny how a story I have known my entire life is still teaching lessons all these years later. The stories don’t change, but the understanding and lessons we learn just grow with us. Scripture, through the Holy Spirit, never stops teaching.

I am so grateful for the years of learning “childish” Bible stories because they sure do point the way for me in very adult situations.


Thank you Holy Spirit for teaching me this lesson today. 

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