david's psalms

David’s Psalms, My Prayer

David's Psalms are beautiful poetry.
Praying scripture and making it personal is
so moving, therefore I thought 
I would share my prayer for today with you!


My Father, who resides in Heaven, how holy, marvelous, magnified, pure, and awesome is Your name.

Your kingdom come, Your will be done…here on earth, in my life…as it is in Heaven.

I ask for Your provision for what I need for today and eagerly anticipate Your answer.

Forgive me for my angry, bitter, and unloving thoughts, for taking my focus off of you, for when I have not been a person of my word, and when I think I know better than others. Forgive me for giving in to fear.

I forgive — and release them from any offenses¬†committed against me and I¬†will not remember them. Bless those who hurt and offend me, who are used as tools of Satan to discourage me. May I be aware of when Satan attempts to use me as a tool to discourage another!

I know you never lead into temptation, but rescue and deliver me from the schemes of the evil one! For the You Are My Shepherd!! Instead, you lead me beside refreshing and calm waters. You meet all my needs.David's psalms


My broken heart and sad soul are ministered to and You provide rest in protected places where there is also abundant provision.

I love how you guide me in the right direction, and your Word gives me everything I need for life and godliness.

Even though I sometimes walk through dark places, troubled water, or close to the edge of death, I have no reason to fear; for You are always with me. You never leave me or turn your back on me! You give orders to your angels to watch over me.

The instructions, direction, and discipline from You are strong, come from a loving Hand and provide protection and comfort. You lift me out of danger and gently guide me. When I become stuck in painful places, you lift me out and provide great care and restoration.

Whenever I am injured or lost, You pick me up, fight off my enemies and defend me. You bless me with so many good things, that even those who despise me easily see Your favor on me.

I am anointed by You for a specific purpose!

Most assuredly, Your goodness and love pursue me every single day of my life.

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