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Breakfast Ruminations: You Are Amazing

Today I treated myself to one of my favorite activities: Breakfast. All by myself. I gather up my Bible, notebook, and earphones. It’s glorious to have a yummy breakfast and time with my thoughts.

Couple Eating Food Meal Dating Romance Love ConceptI am at one of my favorite diners in town. The food is what you would expect from a local diner but I love the atmosphere of this 100 year-old-home-turned-diner. I come fairly often, usually with my family. Across the restaurant sits an elderly couple who look like they just stepped off the plane from old Russia. She has a bright turquoise-colored kerchief on her head, old worn coat, plump rosy cheeks, long blond hair, a sparkle in her eyes behind her old-thin-rimmed glasses, and a beautiful smile. Her husband has a small black, sailor-looking, cap with well-earned silver strands of hair peeking around the edges. They look very happy and content and I can’t help but smile when I see them.

Next to me is a young family enjoying a morning out together. The youngest, maybe a year old, is letting everyone know he is here. He keeps turning around and looking at me. I wave and smile and I get a two-tooth grin in return. We keep this game up for 20-30 minutes.

senior woman eating

All different nationalities, ages, and income levels are here. Empty nesters who appear to have managed their money well, blue-collar workers, a young couple who exchange pleasantries but don’t seem very happy, another young couple of Native American descent sharing the largest cinnamon roll you have every seen and chatting excitedly with each other, a few older ladies accompanied by a young child and a young woman who appears to have special needs. Across the room is a  mother with her young-adult daughter enjoying a morning together, and finally, there’s a young mom with her toddler daughter. They are giggling and playing adorable games with their Dum-Dums suckers, rubbing noses, and showing off brightly-colored tongues left by the candy. This makes me laugh.

Happy young family having breakfast in the cafe.

It is such an enjoyable moment. I sit here and think of how much God loves each of these people. Everyone is so completely different, yet each one is loved the same. This is a joy-filled moment: to stop and marvel at how much God adores each of these people and longs to be intimate with each individual. He desires that every single, beautifully-created person not perish but live in eternity with Him. Every single one of these people is made in His image – a reflection of who He is. I can see how amazing each person is!

Over and over again God has proven that when I take the time to be still and to focus on Him >>>> it is those moments that I can hear His voice and feel His heart the most.

Will you take time today to BE STILL and let Him remind you that you truly are a treasure and that He loves you very, very much?


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