Body Of Christ: Appreciate Each Other


Last night I read an off-hand comment by a popular Christian speaker and writer that caused me to write this post. A comment most would ignore but it subtly put down those who speak out on current events and implied how much better their ministry was than the turmoil in the nation. I have never heard this person mention opinions or address issues outside their ministry. They remain quiet even in the darkest turmoil our nation faces.

I am not saying this is wrong or right. I like their ministry. I follow them. I read their books. However, I’m also tired of Christians subtly bashing other Christians. It is not just this one comment I read, it’s all the comments I hear day-after-day that take a little jab at fellow Believers who are not exactly like ourselves. Don’t we realize that we are PARTS of ONE body? If your calling is evangelism then please don’t make snide remarks about those whose calling is to be a watchman on the wall (politics) or vice versa.

One person may have the gift and understanding of the wonderful prosperity, healing, and grace God has richly poured over us, yet another has a deep conviction and understanding of our need of repentance. I read the opinions and messages of many different believers because we need to hear them! Yet, I am growing wearing of the subtle, and not-so-subtle, bashing and put downs of those who have different gifts and callings than our own. Why are Believers attacking other Believers and putting them down?

Those of you who have a message of repentance and righteousness STOP putting down those who are sharing the message of grace!! Just STOP IT. Stop thinking you are better than every person on the planet. You NEED the message of grace (seriously).

Those with a strong message of grace – STOP making fun of those who don’t understand grace. We snicker and laugh at the “poor souls” who are stuck in self-righteousness. Perhaps it’s time to look at the log in our own eye.

For those who think that ideal Christianity never steps on toes and are too spiritual to pay attention to the reality of the world – STOP judging those who have been called to issue a warning to wake up; who have been anointed by God to understand the times we live in. If you heed their words you will not be caught off guard and will keep your lamps filled with oil.

For those who have been given a prophetic voice and are called to be the watchmen of this generation – don’t leave your brothers and sisters in Christ behind who are slower to understand. Be patient and vigilant. Learn patience, love and understanding.

I’m sure the comment from the aforementioned speaker was unintentional but it has made me think we need to be more intentional in our thoughts and off-hand comments regarding people or situations we don’t understand or agree with. The current political season is exposing the deep divisions within the church body.

My brothers and sisters – we need each other. We get irritated and annoyed when we don’t take the time to understand the gifts and benefits each part brings. Let’s appreciate the anointing and calling each person offers. It is time to be unified and work together as a body instead of trying to do things our own way. Understand the times. Understand the purpose of your calling and receive with humility the message and gifts that are different. (Of course, all things should be guided by the light of scripture.)

Working together, our messages and gifts create one beautiful Bride of Christ.


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