Are All Opportunities Good?

I’m the type of person that jumps at every opportunity that presents itself. I suppose I assume that if it is coming across my path, it must be from God. Right?

A lot of us think that way. We live and make choices circumstantially. If things are going well, it must be what we are supposed to do. If it is not going well, we assume that we must be making a mistake and are not in God’s will. We assume something must change.  (Resistance = bad.  No resistance or problems = good.)

Despite my own personal habit living circumstantially, I don’t believe that it is necessarily the way it is supposed to be.

When circumstances dictate our life and decisions, we are nothing more than a human pinball machine.

I’m frustrated at myself as I try to transition believing this in my head into a real, tangible belief that is reflected in my life and decision-making.

Good or God?

About a year and a half ago I closed my business. I had a retail shop in our downtown area. It was draining me physically and emotionally. Plus it was not lining up with my priorities in life – namely my family.

Since that time I have had the privilege of spending time resting, studying, reading, and writing. I’ve been thinking about goals and what I would like to do, etc. It’s been a much-needed time of refreshing. However, I also have a need to earn some income for a variety of reasons. Since I’m not getting paid to study, read, and write (yet), I started praying for opportunities to earn money.

Spiritually, I’m on a journey of learning to change the way I think and speak and actively living in the promises of God. I’m reading about success, speaking life, what it means to believe, and “calling forth those things which are not.” I’m also learning to give myself permission to expect big things from God and not limit my thinking.

But it has been a harder lesson to learn than I expected.

I’m seeing the fruit of changing my thinking in numerous ways, but as I mentioned before, I specifically have been working on changing my poverty mindset (i.e. that I will never make much money) and calling forth the blessings and abundance God has promised so that I have the resources to pay debts, give in greater abundance, and not live on the edge financially.

So I put my prayers and declarations to the test the other week, and within a couple of days, I had a new business client plus two opportunities to work part-time.

Great, huh?!

Can Opportunities Be Distractions?

I was so grateful that paying jobs had come my way, I immediately jumped at them and accepted them without much thought. But now I am questioning my decision because of two things:

  1. They are not in line with the direction I thought God was taking me professionally. They also are not jobs I want to do. (The good news is that I can do them, and they are easy for me.)
  2. The pay is extremely low. Not exactly what I was hoping for and certainly will not get me to my goals. (But it is better than zero!)

Honestly, I feel torn. In one way I am so thankful that provisions presented themselves to me so quickly. I also never want to feel ungrateful, no matter how small something is, especially since one of my big lessons this year is never to “despise the days of small beginnings“!

On the other hand, I wonder if I am too quick to say “yes” to something when I should be saying “no” and in faith waiting for what’s promised versus what is handy? (For now, I’m thinking out loud but I think this is something to really dig into in another post.) I feel like what my heart longs to do is slipping farther away as I take on responsibilities for the sake of making a few bucks. As a result, stress and sadness creep in because those things which I really love doing are being put on a back burner (again). I’m starting to wonder if opportunities can actually distract from what we are really supposed to do.

Can the wrong decision be dressed up to look like an answer to prayer?

I’m not offering answers right now….I’ll definitely come back to this topic as the Holy Spirit reveals wisdom to me in this area. I’m smack-dab in the middle of it and trying to hear and obey the voice of the Lord. Sometimes, it’s easy to push out God’s voice and interpret our desires as the will of God.

One one hand, I do not want to assume an opportunity is a distraction from God’s will and best for me simply because it does not match up with what I want. And on the other, I don’t want to assume that the same opportunity is God’s will because circumstantially it is convenient.

Yea. That’s how my mind works. I always see both sides of the coin and over-analyze.

Ultimately, I need to be quiet before the Lord so I can hear His voice and then just obey without second-guessing. I’m still working on it!

Has there been a time when you have been unsure as to your next steps?? Share it below!


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